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Please read through our FAQ's to help you with your dance and performance experience with us! If you have any other questions which are not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Yes. At Dance etc. we offer 'Casual-Once-Off' Trial classes to ensure you and your child can experience a lesson with us and make an informed decision about enrolment. These trial classes, however, are not free of charge and bookings in advance are essential. You will see the costs associated with our trial classes on our Fee's and Prices page. In order to come along to a trial class you first must check to see if there is availability in the class as some classes on our schedule are fully booked. Also, you must complete and return an enrolment form which will secure your child's name on the class list. If they decide after the lesson that they wish to continue for the term then you can simply continue to come along to the rest of the term and an invoice for the fee's will be emailed through to you. If you do not wish to continue after this once off trial class, there is no obligation to do so, however please kindly let us know so that we can offer up your place to another child. Unfortunately we do not allow drop-in's so please give us a call/email before hand or come down to the studio to check availability.



Dance etc uses the mandatory 'Kiss N Ride' bay for all students aged 6yrs and over. Dance etc does have a large waiting area however this is for the comfort and use of our dancers to stretch and relax between classes. Our morning Cupcakes classes welcome parents to come and sit in our waiting rooms where they can watch the classes through our viewing windows, however please respect our neighbors by only parking in the marked bays outside of Dance etc. Thank you for your understanding. 



At Dance etc. we have automatic re-enrollment into the following term for ALL current students. This means that we only ask you to inform us if you WILL NOT be returning in the next term. If we do not hear from you, we expect that you wish to return to your current class and therefore your automatic re-enrollment will be completed. As we have limited places in each class with many classes having long wait lists, please advise us if you will not be returning so another child can be informed and take your place. The only time you need to re-enrol is at the beginning of each calendar year. All current students are given first opportunity to advise us of their chosen classes, after this time new students will have the opportunity to enrol. This is to ensure current students do not miss out as we appreciate your ongoing support.



Yes. Dance etc. holds an end of year concert. No, we do not have an extravagant, over-the top 'full-on' show. We offer a fun and relaxed end of year show with no after-class rehearsals (we honestly mean this and would not lead you on!!). This is to ensure overall enjoyment by both parents and students. We book our concert venue in advance and therefore parents and families are informed in term 1 of the concert dates to make sure you keep the weekend free from other commitments. Our concert tickets currently range from between $15-$26 and there is never any minimum or maximum limit on how many concert tickets you can purchase for your family.



We like to be upfront with all families who register for classes at Dance etc. Yes there are always extra little costs involved with activities such as dance and performance, however we are mindful of tight family budgets and so we try as best as we can to ensure these extra costs are kept to a minimum. For example, in 2023 our end of year concert costs for the average family were: Costume $10-$45, Tickets $28 per adult & $24 per child. For dancing shoes, these costs vary however we do sell shoes (Jazz, Ballet & Lyrical) at the studio or, if you see the girls at Set the Stage in Carine Glades Shopping Centre they will generally offer you a small discount if you mention you dance with us! We always give you plenty of notice when extra invoices will be sent out, however if you have any questions at all we are always here to assist you.



Dance etc Hip Hop & Contemporary do not follow a specific 'dance syllabus' . We believe that many dance syllabus's available at other dance studios tend to pigeon-hole students into a group category instead of assessing students individually. We also believe that teaching students from a structured book does not offer the sort of flexibility we believe is more beneficial for students overall enjoyment and progression. Within each of the above dance styles are many different sub categories to take into account and unfortunately dance syllabus do not offer the broad range of styles that we feel helps students become well rounded dancers. Our highly experienced dance instructors take their students through a journey of different styles in each class. Also, it is good to note that many dance syllabus in Australia are not recognised internationally and despite what some teachers may tell you, you DO NOT need to take part in dance exams to become a dance teacher in the future. If becoming a dance teacher down the track is something that your child is interested in, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss their options!

Our Jazz & Lyrical classes follow the NEW International Dance Technique Syllabus, though they do not partake in exams. This modern syllabus reflects what the dance industry is currently demanding of performers ensuring that our students are receiving current, up-to-date training that compares on an International stage. Following a syllabus ensures safe progression through the core jazz techniques of kicks, elevations and turns making sure students are being challenged throughout their training. We choose not to partake in exams as this allows teachers to expand their teachings beyond the syllabus content, as no syllabus (no matter how amazing!) can cover every aspect of the world of Jazz Dance. This allows teachers to expand their students training to cover a broad range of jazz dance styles including cabaret, jazz-funk, commercial and modern styles.

Our ballet program follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Syllabus, however students are not put through exams. We believe that teaching students an internationally recognised ballet program teaches good foundations & vocabulary in order for students to pursue a career in ballet (if they choose to do so). As per above, many 'dance syllabus's' are not internationally recognised so please feel free to ask one of our team if you'd like more information on this.

Purely for safety reasons, our Acro classes follow the AcrobaticArts Syllabus, however once again, students do not take part in exams. We are very passionate about student safety and we believe that the AcrobaticArts Syllabus offers an extensive grading program to ensure students are progressing at the correct pace whilst maintaining safety as a top priority.

Dance etc Tap classes follow the relaxed and fun structure of Tapatak Oz syllabus, however this is just to establish vocabulary and fluidity across all of our tap classes. There is no exams associated with these classes. We appreciate that Tap is a specific skill set and we want to ensure that we are teaching all of the correct foundations needed for this style for simplicity in progression.

Our breaking classes follow the 'Breakin' Traditions' Program founded by our very own breaking instructor, Brendan Burns. This is not a syllabus per se, it is more of an opportunity to progress and flow and be recognized for achieving certain complex skills. There are no exams, however students are always being watched through the year and can progress through the program whilst maintaining their place in their normal class (this is similar to what you might find at a martial arts style class with relation to 'belt' colours). More information can be given if required by contacting our team!



Dance etc in Balcatta does have limited on site parking. We have a designated and mandatory "kiss-and-ride" bay for students aged 6 years and over.  Please keep our limited car bays free for parents and families who need to pop inside the studio to pay fees, accompany a younger or NEW student inside, or have an in person inquiry. Please be respectful of our neighbors and refrain from parking on their property. If you have any questions or concerns about parking, please do not hesitate to contact our team!!

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