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marko panzic combo 1.png
Marko Panzic Jnr Jazz Combo

Duration 8.05min

Teacher Marko Panzic

kate lyrical adv still.png
Adv Lyrical "Dancing in the Dark"

Duration 19min

Teacher Kate

60 Second Snapshot WAVING.png
Beginners Floor Transition

Duration 4.45min

Teacher Miss Kate

Screenshot 2020-03-26 12.37.32.png
Advanced Lyrical Combo

Duration 14.44min

Teacher Miss Sophie

Screenshot 2020-03-26 12.09.03.png
Advanced Commercial Jazz

Duration 6.56min

Teacher Miss Cassie

Kate Adv Lyrical Combo Turning
Lyrical Dance Combo (10+)
"Turning Tables"

Duration 17.25min

Teacher Miss Kate

beg-inter lyrical castles.png
Beg-Inter Lyrical "CASTLES"

Duration 16min

Teacher Miss Kate

fouette tech kate still.png
Technique for Fouette Turns

Duration 4.45min

Teacher Miss Kate

Lyrical Warm Up Exercise (beg-inter)

Duration 6.25min

Teacher Miss Kate

class 1 sophie still.png
Jazz Combo #1, 5-7yrs (beg-inter)

Duration 9.20min

Teacher Miss Sophie

Split Episode.png
Splits & Inversions (inter-adv)

Duration 6.50min

Teacher Miss Kate

Kicks & Jumps Combo (inter-adv)

Duration 5.12min

Teacher Miss Kate

5-7yrs jazz ruby beginner groove.png
Beginner Grooves (5-7yrs)

Duration 14min

Teacher Miss Ruby

Episode 2 BAlance.jpeg
Improve Turns & Balance (all levels)

Duration 13.44min

Teacher Miss Kate

jazz lyrical warm up still.png
Warm up for Jazz/Lyrical (all levels)

Duration 24min

Teacher Miss Kate

cassie - don't start now commercial jazz
Commercial Jazz Choreo (teens)

Duration 10min

Teacher Miss Cassie

IDT Floor kicks technique with sophie an
IDT Floor Kicks Exercise (all levels)

Duration 4.44min

Teacher Miss Ruby & Miss Sophie

still foot strength.png
Improve your foot flexibility!(int-adv)

Duration 4.54min

Teacher Miss Kate

olivia still bounce.png
Jazz Combo "Bounce" (10-12yrs)

Duration 5.37min

Teacher Miss Olivia

etc adv lyrical combo.png
Advanced Lyrical Combo (9+yrs)

Duration 4.41min

Teacher Miss Kate

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