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By registering your child into classes at Dance etc, you agree to the following statement...
"Although all care will be taken for the safety and well being of me/my child while undertaking training/tuition at dance etc. I fully understand that I will hold harmless all directors, employees and subcontractors for any liability, claims or demands for personal injury, sickness or mishap as well as personal loss or damage to personal property or lost wages. I understand that the activities in which Dance etc. offer are physical activities and injuries may occur. I understand I have the right to decline participation in any activity which I am not comfortable with or feel may be harmful. It is my responsibility to inform instructors and subcontractors of any physical limitation which may prevent full participation in class. I understand that term fee's are payable upfront and as the main contact person responsible for the students listed on this form, I am also  Responsible for ensuring all accounts are paid for on or by the due date. Failure to provide payment ontime may lead to late fees being applied and any overdue invoices being forwarded to the nominated debt collections agency and all associated fee's of that agency will be made payable by me, the undersigned. I understand that all Dance etc. shows, events and concerts may be filmed and photographed and I give my consent to being filmed and photographed and such shall remain the property of Dance etc. I have read, understand and agree to the "Terms of Enrolment" as provided to me in the Dance etc. Information/Enrolment Pack (detailed below). I understand the terms and conditions of enrolling at Dance etc."



It is VERY important all students are dressed appropriately for their dance class to ensure they can move well, and so the teacher can correct posture, see body alignment and ensure they are demonstrating the steps safely.

Dance etc. has a NO DENIM and NO STREET CLOTHES policy to all dance classes (with the exception of HIP HOP Breaking/Cipher/Hip Hop). We also do not allow jewellery including watches, necklaces or earrings. This is for the safety of all students in the class.


Classes are paid per term (unless specified) and payments are due before week 1 each term. Invoices are sent via email and remain the responsibility of the main contact person listed on students enrolment form. Please see ‘Terms of Enrolment” for more information. The main contact listed on the enrolment form is responsible for ensuring all student accounts are paid by the due date. Dance etc. makes every effort to contact families with any invoices due for payment. Students with Invoices not paid by the due date will be temporarily suspended. If no payment or no effort to contact us is made, Dance etc will send all overdue accounts to BCA Debt and all incurred collection fees will be payable at customers expense.


The warm-up and stretching component at the start of class is conducted in a safe progression to reduce the potential for injury, muscle aches etc. Missing this part of the class puts bodies at risk of avoidable injury. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early so that we can commence our class, and most importantly, our warm-up on time. Punctuality is especially important for Cupcakes Dance Classes as being even 5 minutes late can cause distress and anxiety in some children. It is best to aim to get to your class at least 5 mins early so students can be prepared to come into the studio in a relaxed and calm nature. Please ensure you collect your child on time after class. If you are running late, please contact the studio on 9240-4399 to advise us so we can ensure your child remains in the waiting room until you arrive.


We understand that it can be hard to be available for every class each week especially if your child is unwell, however regular attendance is extremely important for student progression and safety. If you will be missing a lesson (due to holiday or sickness) please advise us in advance via email or phone so we can mark this in our records. If your child is feeling a little unwell but feels okay to still come in and watch, this is certainly welcomed, especially when preparing for concerts and shows (however any serious or contagious illness should be kept at home away from other students and teachers). It is important that students are progressing and developing their skills in a safe manner so we encourage you to make as many classes as you can. Students who do miss numerous lessons, end up falling behind in their technique and this not only affects their own safety, but in some cases, this can affect the safety of others. Also, please note that we do not offer refunds or credits for any missed classes for sickness, holidays etc. Some severe cases of illness may be exempt from this, however please contact the studio in writing if you have any concerns (see our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS & FEES document for more details on our fee policy). Please note that we do not offer “makeup” lessons as majority of our classes are at full capacity. Dance etc does not offer refunds for cancelled enrolments at anytime throughout the term. In the instance that classes are cancelled at last minute due to reasons outside of our control (ie. weather, power outages etc) refunds or credits will not be given. Again, please contact our team for further clarification if you have any concerns.


Due to student safety & team progressions, the following classes MUST maintain a 90% attendance average per term (a max of 1x missed lesson per 10 week term):
- Company (all teams)
- Acro (all levels and classes)
Company classes are the only classes at Dance etc, that compete in local dance competitions. It is for this reason that high attendance is required as to ensure all students know the routines, are consistently improving on their technique and progressing steadily as a team. We thank you for your understanding.
In regards to ACRO, missed lessons result in the loss of strength, flexibility and muscle memory – all of which are vital to ensure safety and further progression. A low attendance record will eventually affect students’ ability to move up levels when the opportunity arises and may cause a safety concern resulting in forfeiting your child’s place in the class or moving to a lower level of ability. Your child’s safety is our main priority – thank you for your understanding.


All Company classes compete in local dance competitions through the year. It is for this reason that students who wish to attend these classes have prior training to be eligible to join our competitive stream. Competitive stream information goes out at the end of the year when team selections commence. If you are hoping to join company, please talk to our team about the ETC Development Program.


Dance etc follows strict procedures regarding child safety. Some of these include; All teachers carrying a current and valid Working with Children Check, staff on duty carry a first aid certificate, working phone in operation for emergencies, surveillance cameras in use on-site, viewing windows in studios where children can be seen at all times, no personal photography or videography of children, appropriate costuming, dance tights/stockings worn under costumes for modesty, appropriate music choices and age appropriate dance choreography etc. For more information about our priority to keep our children safe in our dance school or to ask a specific child safe question, please email Kate on

Parents feedback and comments are always welcomed, however mid-way through a lesson is not appropriate at any time. Also, please note that teachers do not have any break period between most lessons and we ask that you do not use this short time before or after class to discuss things in length with the teacher as this will be interfering with the next lessons allocated time. Instead, please contact our admin team to discuss your concerns or to give your feedback and this will be passed onto the class teacher and a response provided (if requested). Please refer to FEEDBACK at the bottom of this document. We do not allow parents to sit inside the studio and watch the class (If a new student is feeling unsure for their first lesson it is up to teacher discretion to allow them to sit within the classroom- applies to Cupcakes Students ONLY). Our studio’s have glass doors and large viewing windows plus live stream security vision for you to see the lesson comfortably from the waiting area (for students aged 5years or younger ONLY).Parents and spectators watching through the viewing windows must not be disruptive to the students in the class, this includes: knocking on the windows, lip syncing words or suggestions etc.


To avoid congestion in the carpark during peak times, we have a mandatory Kiss-N-Ride bay which is located directly in front of the studio doors. If there are available Dance etc marked parking bays, parents can wait in their car for the duration of the class and meet their child at the front entrance of the building before and after class.
All students aged 6 years and over must abide by the above rule with the exception of:
- Parents or carers with a child with special needs
- Parents who have a student taking their very first dance lesson
- Parents who have prior, written approval with our Management Team
- Parents who need to park for a short period to speak to our admin team in person, make a payment in person etc.
If your child is 5 years or under & taking a dance class, one (1) parent/guardian must wait onsite for the duration of their lesson to assist in bathroom breaks and ensure their added safety whilst on our premise(please note that there is only one parent/guardian permitted in the waiting room to avoid congestion in our common areas).
Students must always wait inside the waiting room for a parent/guardian to pick them up for safety reasons. The grassed area is off limits to cars and is not a permitted parking zone. Please respect our neighbours by only parking in the bays onsite at Dance etc (not in front of any neighbouring businesses at any time).
Thank you for helping us be courteous neighbours.


As of 25th April 2019, all staff are not permitted to accept or send private social media messages, private text messages or private emails to or from any of our Dance etc customers, families, students or partners. This is to ensure all lines of communication are clear, previous conversations easy to revisit and are also conducted in a professional manner. This is also to ensure all staff can answer emails at appropriate times and personal boundaries are respected. Please follow up any concerns or questions to our helpful admin team on If you wish to receive a follow up message directly from a specific teacher, please request so in your email. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.

Dance etc is proud to have a Spirit Policy that prioritises inclusivity, equality & respect throughout all aspects of our school. We welcome families of all backgrounds and ethnicities and do not tolerate any forms of discrimination. We expect parents, families, students and staff to respect each other regardless of abilities or differences. Through our studio spirit we also recognise the rich history of dance stemming from many cultures around the world & we pay tribute to this through conversations in class and continued education.

Dance etc. has a zero tolerance to bullying of any form. This includes behaviour towards any other student before, during or after any dance etc. class, in person or online (social media etc.). Our bullying policy also includes bullying between parents, bullying between parents and students or bullying between parents and teachers/staff. Failure to comply with our strict bullying policy will result in automatic cancellation of your enrolment. If you witness any bullying or are aware of bullying taking place, please inform our team immediately. Thank you for assisting us maintain a friendly, welcoming and safe dance community for everyone to enjoy.

Dance etc has a MEMBERS ONLINE PORTAL on our website: By logging into this special access area, members can view the calendar year and all term dates/events etc, access archived newsletters, view tutorials etc. Please make sure you have created your Members Account to stay up to date with all things Dance etc. We aim to be a paperless studio so all important communication will be sent to families via email.


Once students have left the Dance etc premises they are no longer under our Duty of Care and any incidences/injuries that occur are the responsibility of the dancer and family. Students are not allowed to walk off-site during their breaks to go to 7eleven and other stores. Any large rubbish items must be placed directly in the large Skip Bin at the rear of Dance etc to prevent leftover food waste spilling into the waiting room bin and encouraging ants and other insects. 7eleven Slurpies are banned from the Dance etc premise entirely.


  •  No food or drink allowed inside the studios (water accepted). This includes students, parent spectators and siblings (NO tea/coffee allowed inside the studios). Please enjoy your food and beverages outside in the waiting room and always place your rubbish in the bins provided.

  •  No outside footwear to be worn in the studios (including parents and siblings watching classes). Clean-soled indoor shoes and dance shoes are allowed only. Our dance floor is used by students for stretching and warm ups and often students face and head touches the floor and although we have a very stringent cleaning regime, we thank you for respecting our need for clean and hygienic studio floors.

  • Except for families who have students aged 5yrs and under & families who meet the ‘Exceptions” outlined above (under ‘parking’), the waiting rooms are for the comfort and use of Dance etc students only (not spectators/parents etc). Students should be able to socialise with their friends, find a place to eat their dinner/lunch/snacks and change dance shoes etc in these designated areas.

  • Young siblings using the bathrooms must be accompanied by a parent and parents who use the baby change table must supervise their child at all times. Please ensure baby change tables and bathrooms are left in a clean and neat state for the next person to use. Please promptly report any mess in the bathrooms to our friendly staff. All soiled nappies must be taken home with you.

  • No chewing gum allowed in the studio at any time.

  •  All mobile phones must be switched off or be put on silent and left alone during the class (including students and parent spectators).

  •  Spectators in the waiting room MUST keep excessive noise to a minimum as this remains a working area for our Dance etc Team. Please turn all devices, games and toys to silent for the comfort and enjoyment of all patrons.

  •  All choreography remains the property of Dance etc and must not be used outside of direct license and agreement with the school. Please contact our team if you wish to use a dance or part thereof for an event or performance that is not affiliated or associated with Dance etc.

  •  Dance etc has the right to refuse enrolment and/or terminate enrolment if terms and conditions of enrolment are breached.

  •  All Terms of Enrolment stated in this document must be adhered to at all times.

  •  Terms of Enrolment may be updated or changed at anytime. We aim to give 7 days notice of any changes.

Dance etc welcomes feedback at any time of the year! We love hearing how your experience with us has been whether that be positive or negative as this gives us a chance to grow and improve our services. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and open communication with our parents and appreciate the opportunity to hear from you. Any complaints or feedback must be put in writing via email and attention to the Studio Director, Kate Buchan via . If you would like to receive a reply, please state this in your email. Generally responses can take up to 5 working days (depending on the nature of the complaint), however often are responded to more promptly. We appreciate families allowing us the time to manage complaints privately and confidentially without involving third parties or social media etc. as we have found that there is always a way to come to a suitable and fair solution. We really appreciate your co-operation and understanding.

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